Friday, August 29, 2008

Cry of the Conservative: Believe in Something

Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has many ardent criticisms of people disposed to a liberal way of thinking. One of his more persistent is: "Liberals believe in nothing. They have no faith in anything." Does he have a point, or is this merely code for they don't believe in God?

If Mr. Limbaugh means to suggest that liberals and free thinkers simply are not willing to forgo the process of rational examination for investigating that which has yet to be explained, then he is correct. The "dittoheads" of the world are plainly of the mind that God is the answer for all that is as yet unexplained. They have leapt right over the river of reason and onto the bank of banality.

One would think the track record science has for explaining the innumerable puzzles once deemed inexplicable would be reason enough to forgo invoking God as an explanation for anything. As civilization advances, the great misconceptions about the world are brazenly laid bare by the wondrous tools of science.

Rush Limbaugh has it all wrong. We skeptical liberals believe in plenty. It's just that the things we believe in survive the strenuous tests of rational examination and intelligent reasoning.


  1. It's funny (And not ha-ha funny) that you should mention this. I am a homeschooling mother, so I fit into the category of free thinking right from the get go.

    The second year we were home schooling I enrolled my son (And now daughter) into a Creation based general science class. Both children questioned why I did this for and to them.

    I had heard from others who knew we were a family of no faith(Not believing in "God") and told me it was a great curriculum. So we took the class and low and behold it is a fantastic class. We just happen to throw out the God references.

    This is not a creditied class, but it gave both my children an idea as what to expect in the future as they got ready for college. It was a very scheduled class, which I was glad for. For we are sort of un-schoolers, but not in the truest sense. And they gave them a taste of thee outside world.

    My daughter wakes up between 9 and 10, and I am OK with that. When we have to rise early,s he is notified and steps up to the plate. She has weekly has school classes through our homeschool group and she rises for that. So she knews that the real world will dictate her life to some degree as she gets older.

    Sorry I got off topic, but we do beleive in many a thing. First and foremost, I beleive in myself. And if I can't believe in myself and then trust myself, then who can I trust. I have taught my children this from point one. You/we are good people, we know right from wrong and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I need to blog about some issues. Writing this comment has got my juices flowing...thanks Bill!!

  2. Excellent! Believing in ourselves - and our faculties of discernment, I might add - offer so much hope for understanding, to say nothing of a good response to the next person who tells me I believe in nothing.